Savvy Week in Review - July 31

Savvy Week in Review - July 31
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri Jul 31, 2009 @ 01:06AM
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Weekly Wrap UpFour Videos About Noise, Social, and Decency - by Seth Godin
I'm including this one mostly because I like his quip that if you play all four at once, it sounds like a UN debate. Seriously, though - solid insights in under two-and-a-half minutes each.

Who Knew? - by @ConversationAge
Valerie Maltoni shares three "a-ha!" moments. I'm so glad @chrisbrogan turned me onto this smart woman. Good stuff.

Leads from Web site Best B2B Lead Generation Tactic - by @diannahuff
Dianna Huff provides a great rundown of the data presented in a recent benchmark report from ExperiGenExperts and Mac McIntosh, Inc.

How to Use Your Blog to Generate Sales and Leads with @AmyAfrica
- by @MackCollier
This Viral Garden post is a quick summary of the 7/26 blogchat around generating actual sales and leads with your blog. Hot topic.

Top 7 Places to Watch Great Minds in Action - by @mashable
Because you have SO much free time on your hands, right?

Don't Keep Your Web Visitors Waiting and Guessing: A Video Company Website That Communicates Poorly
- by @newtbarrett
This post has lots of good reminders about building a strong website, but this was my favorite: "Your prospective online buyers are pressed for time and won't waste it trying to figure how they will benefit from what you do."

Genius is Bringing GURLs to the Social Party
- by @ardath421
If you track the links you use in social media, check out this post to see what the next generation may look like.

Understanding the effectiveness of your B2B newsletter
- by @marketo
Consider metrics beyond clicks that you should think about when measuing the effectiveness of your newsletter.

Why Free Trial Offers Aren't Always the Best Choice
- by @hjsewell
A great way to think about what offers you use in your marketing campaigns.

Stop Blaming Marketing
- by @rebelbrown
I couldn't agree more with this post: sales and marketing need to work together. Read on to get some suggestions.

Comments: 11


1. Dianna Huff  |  my website   |   Fri Jul 31, 2009 @ 01:37AM

Thanks again for including one of my posts in your weekly round-up. You make it really easy to read great content -- all gathered in one place.

2. Valeria Maltoni  |  my website   |   Fri Jul 31, 2009 @ 02:50AM

Thank you for the shout, Savvy B2B team. You're very kind! I see I'm in good company.

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