Savvy Survey - Do you repurpose content from other blogs?

Savvy Survey - Do you repurpose content from other blogs?
Heather Rubesch - Mon Jun 13, 2011 @ 10:36AM
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survey.jpgComing up with orginal content for a blog 5 days a week is hard!  We at Savvy know because there are 6 of us and even with the strength of numbers we often recruit guest posters, crowdsourced posts and our Friday Wrap Up to give our blog readers new information each day.  We realize that "borrowing content" to fill space is often utilized in the blogging world.

Recently we have noticed an increaing trend not only of our content but that of our favorite bloggers appearing elsewhere without attribution or with attribution that is suspicously hard to locate.  We grumbled about it amongst ourselves for a few days and then Savvy Sister Stephanie found this repurposing policy on Marketing Profs website and we began to feel that maybe we are not alone. 

So we are conducting an anonymous survey.  We  want an idea about what is "acceptable" to others in the blogging world.  Please answer the short set of questions below and feel free to leave us your additional thoughts in our comments section.

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Comments: 3


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