Savvy Week in Review: June 10

Savvy Week in Review: June 10
Savvy Sisters - Fri Jun 10, 2011 @ 08:15AM
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Many parts of the US have been experiencing a heat wave...and when things get THAT hot, one's brain can slow WAY Savvy Week in Reviewdown. So if, like us, you're looking to jump-start your neurotransmitters, check out these fine gems from the around the Web.

The Savvy Sister


The Blueprint for the Perfect Blog Post (Infographic) by @briansrice via @B2Community
Need to visualize how to pull together a blog post? This infographic lays it all out.

DemandCon Video: Storytelling Turns Prospects Into Buyers by @ardath421 via @visiblegains
Don't miss this chance to see Ardath Albee's keynote from DemandCon, outlining the seven elements of effective B2B stories.

Three content marketing vital signs by
What do a dead cat, an hourglass, and a Jesus pizza have in common? They're all clues to how well your your website is delivering on your content-marketing efforts.

Developing a Content Maintenance and Goverance Strategy by @sethearley with table illustration by @seamuswalsh
If you have ever moved your content or your home you know that both can be hair pulling experiences.  In this post Seth Earley gives some "herding cats" goverance examples that can make it more painless.

Create Content with Context - by @ardath421
I love the idea of amplifying buyers' attention. In this post, Ardath Albee shows you exactly how to do that.

When Words Fail - by @gemelket via @BrainTraffic
A fun and thoughful post about word choice gone wrong.

Will Content Strategy Save Marketing - by @brennermichael
Here is a great primer with resources about content strategy from Michael Brenner.

Infographic Resume: Now there's a Good Idea! - by @scottabel
Although not for everyone, here's a new way to do a resume.  

The Dumbest Thing I Have Heard in the Last 30 Days by @MikeStaver

If the CEO has trouble embracing social media - what do you think the employees are doing? Time to get uncomfortable.



Comments: 7


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