Savvy Toolkit - Gridly Gives Your On-The-Fly Documents Consistent Look and Feel!

Savvy Toolkit - Gridly Gives Your On-The-Fly Documents Consistent Look and Feel!
Heather Rubesch - Tue May 17, 2011 @ 06:30AM
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gridly.jpgHave you ever had the headache of trying to create a new piece of collateral only to find out the template that you paid a designer big bucks to develop won't open in the new version of Illustrator or InDesign or you don't have the necessary font installed and it costs $149?  Do you want to have consistent look and feel for all your marketing pieces and the ability to quickly customize to include a trade show booth number or promotional landing page URL without having to pay for a whole new piece from a designer?

Gridly is your new best friend. 

Gridly is a web based program that makes it easy for businesses to have consistency in their printed (PDF format) marketing / communication materials. Gridly enables businesses to easily make small changes to their marketing materials, reducing the need of having to rely on designers and agencies to make small revisions their behalf. It helps reduce the cost and time to make these changes making it easy to create and revise branded documents using your browser.

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Comments: 4


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