Curious about "ROI" on the "Soft" Benefits of Social Media?

Curious about "ROI" on the "Soft" Benefits of Social Media?
Jamie Lee Wallace - Wed Jul 22, 2009 @ 06:49AM
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I'm pleased to be a contributor to the "ROI of Social Media" series on Mark Schaefer's insightful (and often irreverant) marketing blog {grow}. My assignment today was to help unravel the social media-brand equity value proposition. Ironically, the reference material I chose comes from some very un-sexy papers published back in the late eighties by - coincidentally - one of Mark Schaefer's past professors. Small world.

If you'd like to learn just what some dusty, old academia has to do with the bright and shiny new world of social media marketing; please visit {grow} to read the full post: Social media ROI and the mystery of brand equity.


Comments: 11


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