Weekly Wrap Up - March 25

Weekly Wrap Up - March 25
Savvy Sisters - Fri Mar 25, 2011 @ 06:30AM
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Savvy Week in ReviewFrom blogging to websites to marketing strategy, there are lots of great posts this week. Have others to add to the list? Add them to theh comments below.

Enjoy - and have a great weekend!

The Savvy Sister

9 proven alternatives to cold calling by Matt Heinz (@heinzmarketing)

Buying customer lists is a tried and true (last ditch) lead gen strategy for the marketing department. But cold calling is no fun for anybody. Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing gives 9 solid marketing suggestions for avoiding the phone and making more out of warm leads. 

Everybody Likes You, Too Bad You Still Suck - by @joey_strawn

In this post, Joey Strawn explains why "Like" is a 4-letter word - ambivalent and forgettable. Is that what you want for your brand?

Help for the Burnt Out Blogger - by Jael Strong via @lizstrauss

B2B bloggers are people too, and sometimes we hit the wall. This post has some simple, but solid advice about how to shake yourself free from burn out.

8 Scintillating Lessons from SXSW - by @markwschaefer

Did you miss SXSW? Mark Schaefer of {grow} provides his overview and it's full of links to cool stuff we want to check out.

Is Your Email List Really Small? Read This Now. - by @davidrisley

Do you suffer from email list envy? Do you look at your pathetically small subscriber count and feel like it's not worth the effort? Stop right there. Everyone has to start somewhere and wherever you are is the right place to start.

3 Content Strategies To Target Decision Makers by @DerekEdmond via @sengineland

Find out how to uncover keywords and develop content for different folks on the B2B buying committee.

57 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Website by @diannahuff

Dianna Huff combines her ideas with some crowdsourced ones and came up with a terrific checklist for any website.

B2B Marketers, Analyze This: How Do Prospects Score YOU on Their Experience? by @Bob_Thompson via @PointClearPD

Bob Thompson challenges marketers to rethink how much they rely on lead scoring based on his poor B2B purchase experience.

B2B Marketing: Calls-to-action and the business buying cycle by @MarketingSherpa

Wondering about the best ways to move prospects through the buying cycle? Dave Green shares insights based on MarketingSherpa's research.

Comments: 9


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