Pushing your book out into the world

Pushing your book out into the world
Wendy Thomas - Thu Mar 10, 2011 @ 11:25AM
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Many of us have written books and a large number of those books are Ebooks. An ebook however, like a hard cover book is only valuable to the author in terms of profit and recognition if someone reads it. You can shout as loudly as you want on the web but if you aren't strategic about it, no one is going to hear you.

Thinking outside the box


The key is to get your book out in large numbers to as many audiences as possible. Not many of us are going to make the New York Times best sellers list, but there are still ways to get your publication out to the public in significant numbers.


Case in point is the wildly celebrated story of a young woman self-publisher: Amanda Hocking, a paranormal romance writer from Austin, Minnesota. When traditional publishers gave her a thumbs down for her work, she self published her books and sold them through Kindle. As a 26 year old, she is now a millionaire. She was able to get the word out and at the same time create buzz about her accomplishments - not too shabby.


Not all of us are going to be as fortunate as Amanda. For the majority of us, pushing our books out is going to take a lot of hard work and a little bit of out-of-the-box thinking. With so many competing books and publications out there, you have to start thinking about ways of marketing that might be a bit non-standard. You need to be noticed. Here are 5 somewhat nontraditional ways you can use to market your book in order to get more coverage:


1. Bundle your book – If you sell a product, you can include the book as a promotional gimmick. The number of books given away in this manner still count when you claim “10, 000 copies have been sold.”


2. Editorial mention - Writers read acknowledgment pages. It comes with the territory. If we see a competent Editor mentioned (and we know who they are) then we'll pay attention. It's a quick way to get some credibility and notice in the publication world.


3. Cross promotions – See if you can link up your book with another product. Join with a local or national fund raising, contest effort, or company. I write about chickens, imagine if I could make a connection with a store like the Tractor Supply Company. It would give my publications credibility and a much larger audience.


4. Speaking opportunities – Never, never give up an opportunity to speak about your subject. Even if you aren't paid for the talk, you most likely will be able to sell your products and get the word out while there. That, and the impression that you are an authority in your field will be well worth the time.


5. Cause related marketing – People notice when a product mentions that a certain percentage of the money will goes toward a specific (and hopefully) related cause. It makes people feel good about where their money is going. A friend of mine is using this technique for a recently purchased manuscript, some of the proceeds will go toward those with anaphylactic food allergies – a condition mentioned in her story. This action will not only get her good will, but most probably will also get her a lot of free publicity from that particular community.  



About the Author:

A features writer, interviewer, and columnist, Wendy Thomas has been published in national magazines, newspapers, e-zines, and blogs. Her current project is to blog about life living with 6 kids and a flock of chickens.

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Comments: 9


1. Jamie Lee Wallace  |  my website   |   Thu Mar 10, 2011 @ 02:35PM

Wendy - Great tips. Publishing - both entertainment and business - is changing so quickly these days, it's hard to keep up. The authors who succeed - be they individuals or brands - are the ones who will be willing to implement tactics like the ones you've outlined here.

Another super simple, "under-the-radar" way to help getyour book into more hands is to make sure you include a link to it wherever you can - your email signature, social media profiles, blog bylines, about page, etc. Each sale or reader counts towards your overall profits or bragging rights ... get them wherever you can!

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