Savvy Week in Review - March 4

Savvy Week in Review - March 4
The Savvy Sisters - Fri Mar 04, 2011 @ 06:00AM
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Could it be that winter is truly wrapping up? Some of us are hoping so. Meantime, while we're waiting for the spring thaw to set in, what better than to lose yourself in some terrific posts from the blogoshere? Enjoy! Savvy Week in ReviewThe Savvy Sister
12 Reasons to Put Blogs at the Center of Your Content Marketing by @heidicohen via @junta42
Heidi Cohen provides all you need to justify blogging in your company.

Revenue Performance Management and B2B Demand Generation: Connecting the Dots
by @BarbraGago of @LeftBrainMktg
Barbra Gago makes the case for content being at the core of every interaction you have with your buyers...and how revenue performance management is the way to measure the results.

B2B Marketing Mistakes: Do You Label Your Target Audience? by @brennermichael
Michael Brenner suggests that marketers stop qualifying who should read their content...and sparks a healthy debate.

The Mechanics of the Outbound B2B Campaign by @funnelholic
Craig Rosenberg makes the case that you can't rely on inbound marketing alone and lays out the essentials for success with outbound activities.

9 Ways People Respond to Your Online Content by @UpbeatNow via @marketingwizdom
Here's how marketers can tell whether or not their content is resonating with their audience.

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Beat the Big Boys - by @pushingsocial on @markwschaefer 's {grow}
4 tips complete with examples to show you what you can do to make social work for you even if you're David and your competition is Goliath.

Email Marketing: Improve Conversions with Better Landing Pages - by @MktgExperiments
Quick case study that shows how continuity from Email to landing page increases conversions. Also includes a great design suggestion if you can't afford to create stand along landing pages.

B2B Marketing Events Around the World - by @B2BLaunchPad
No matter where you are, there's an event happening near you. The team at MLT Creative has compiled a handy list of all the relevant B2B marketing events taking place in March - all over the world. Road trip!

Comments: 10


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