Savvy Toolkit: Website Improvement Widgets

Savvy Toolkit: Website Improvement Widgets
Heather Rubesch - Tue Mar 01, 2011 @ 10:29AM
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cool-new-websites.jpgIn an increasing virtual world your website is increasingly becoming the "store front" for more and more companies.  Even if your home page displays a photo of your beautiful corporate headquarters the chances that your prospect will ever visit your brick and mortar manifestation is pretty slim.

So if your website is your primary interaction with prospects and customers then you need it to be representative of the classy, thoughtful and savvy organization that you are.  One quick way to see if your website is to use a tool like Hubspot's Web Site Grader.

This free service can quickly help you understand how your site is doing at SEO to get recognized by search engines, how fresh your content is, how well linked your site is to others and how effectively you are using tags.  Perhaps even more significant is that you can also grade your competitiors to be able know how you compete in terms of website efficiency. 

Another tool that Savvy Sister Stephanie sent me this week is KISSinsights.  This little pop up tool allows you to query visitors to your website or to a specific page as to how they heard about you, what point they are in the buying process, etc.  They limit their surveys to two questions and support 13 languages so they are polite and relevant.  A trial includes several canned surveys you can try and get up to 30 responses for free.  If you like what you get the premium package is $29 a month and provides numerous configuration options.

According to KISSInsights FAQ page the following are ways people are using the service:

  • Finding out why customers are cancelling
  • Finding a realistic price point for a new product
  • Additional demographic data (“since no one is willing to fill out long signup forms anymore!”)
  • Finding out what additional information people need to make a purchasing decision
  • Learning what customers are really doing at their site (“we had no idea people were using that feature for that purpose”)
  • Getting topics for future blog posts
  • Ensuring people understand how to use newly-launched features
  • Collecting contact information for potential beta testers
  • Conducting a customer satisfaction survey
  • Providing a net promoter score surevey on their website

Do you have any other handy tools you use to monitor and improve your website?

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Comments: 16


1. Samuel Kessington  |  my website   |   Wed Mar 02, 2011 @ 10:34AM

Poplytics does the same thing as kissinsights but is more affordable, lets you set up a survey with your questions even in the free plan and uses an unobstrusive widget to collect feedback on your website.

Disclaimer: I work for poplytics.

2. Stephanie Tilton  |  my website   |   Wed Mar 02, 2011 @ 12:37PM

Thanks for bringing your app to our attention, Samuel!

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