Savvy Week in Review - February 25

Savvy Week in Review - February 25
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri Feb 25, 2011 @ 07:00AM
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Even though February is a short month, it can feel long! It can be fun to venture out in the snow, but if you are feeling like staying inside, there's lots to do, too, such as catching up on our favorite posts of the week. Enjoy - and feel free to share your favorites from the week in the comments!Savvy Week in ReviewThe Savvy Sister
Eight attributes of a thought leader by @ckochster
Chris Koch paints a picture of the ideal thought leader and gets the conversation started.

Ten Reasons Why Your Content Strategy Fails
by @conversationage
This post proved so popular three years ago that Valeria Maltoni revived it to remind folks of some basic rules when it comes to succeeding with content.

A Successful Example of Conversion Content Marketing by @chiefmartec via @sengineland
Scott Brinker explains how Cisco uses a microsite to deliver the content prospects need to make a buying decision -- without being pushy about the sale.

How Partners Impact the Marketing Mix by Tom Kuder @entente
Tom takes a look at how partnerships can alter the way we think of the traditional 5 P's of marketing.

Are Social Media Relationships Frail and Fleeting by @ducttape
The Duct Tape Marketing guru takes on Malcolm Gladwell's recent assertion in the New Yorker that Social Media relationships aren't built to last.

Does Your Story Convey a Point of View – by @conversationage
Good branding has to do more than just convey facts – it needs to convey an opinion, and a strong one at that. Valeria Maltoni makes a great case for integrating beliefs, poetry, and passion into your marketing.

How Social Media Amplifies Competitive Advantage – by @markwschaefer
Mark W. Schaefer riffs on a post from @jaybaer on the topic of market competition and defines the most important marketing question you need to ask.

Writing Content: Lessons from Fresh Pick Authors – by @richbecker
Rich Becker shares his “punch list” for great content: accuracy, originality, insight, humanity, and expansiveness. Interesting approach and one worth adapting for your own content development efforts.

People Are More Important than Klout – by @treypennington
Wrapping up a series of conversations on his own blog and elsewhere, Trey Pennington dismantles the game-able Klout ranking system and reminds readers what Real Influence is all about.

Comments: 7


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