Savvy Toolkit - Social Media Infographic

Savvy Toolkit - Social Media Infographic
Heather Rubesch - Tue Feb 22, 2011 @ 10:18AM
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I am a fan of infograhics.  I love to share them with collegues and discuss them over lunch.  Truly an example of how a picture if worth a million words!

About a month ago I shared Base One's Social Media Landscape.  What I loved about their approach was to show many of the specific key players in each area of influence.  They called out a number of blogs, organizations and platforms that are defining the impact of social media on business.

social_media_infographic_2.jpgToday I turn the spotlight on another Social Media Infographic by InsideView.  They took a very different approach than Base One.  Their infographic is full of an amazing collection of usage statistics and compelling relationships.  They also have given a multinational view showing the prevalence of Social Media in business not just in the US but globally.  As someone whose largest client is based in Europe it is sometimes hard for me to find resources that resonate with them for their local market.  I will be sharing this infographic with them as well!

Do you have any favorite infographics to share with us?

Comments: 11


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