Savvy Week in Review - February 18

Savvy Week in Review - February 18
The Savvy Sisters - Fri Feb 18, 2011 @ 07:00AM
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It's been a tough winter for many us. Which is why we in the Northeast (and in other areas) are deeply appreciating this spell of mild Savvy Week in Reviewweather. It's amazing how much lighter and inspired it you can make you feel! The same holds true for the favorite posts we're featuring this week. Hope some of that good feeling rubs off on you after reading them!

The Savvy Sister

How to Make Your Company Blog Connect Like a Personal Blog - by @skooloflife via @markwschaefer
I loved this just for the opening cartoon. Classic. Once I got into the meat of the actual post, I found myself nodding along with the advice of Srinivas Rao ... especially the part about paying writers well. ;)

How Not to be Invisible on Facebook - by @shellykramer
Interesting tidbit about how Facebook may be filtering your News Feed. Those naughty Facebook people. Something to consider for your business page ... though that issue remains open.

Search Marketing: 3 Questions to Help You Think Like Your Potential Customers - by Jon Powell on @MktgExperiments
Optimizing a PPC ad - step-by-step breakdown from the perspective of a real, live human looking for something on the Web.

10 "Content Rules" That Will Help Your Business Rule the World - by @TheSalesLion (with a tip of the hat to Ann Handley of @marketingprofs)
I'm about halfway through the book Content Rules (Ann Handley and CC Chapman) and am loving the no frills presentation and wealth of case studies and in-the-trenches tactics. I'm not ready to write up my own review, but wanted to share this post from Marcus Sheridan. He pulls out 10 great quotes from the book and gives them his own irreverent spin. Nice!

Five Relationship Blunders to Avoid in Your Sales and Marketing by @kathysacks via @MarketingProfs
Playing off the Valentine's Day theme, Kathy Sacks lays out the five ways marketers can build long-term relationships with prospects and customers.

33 (of the) Best Marketing Strategy Guides & Insights of 2010 via @TomPick
The title says it all. This is a terrific roundup well worth perusing.

3 Ways to Tell if You Need a Big Kid Marketing Automation System by @Bostonova
Struggling to figure out if you need entry-level marketing automation or a system with all the bells and whistles? Kathy Tito shares tips based on her experience with a range of solutions.

The Geology of a Content Marketing Strategy
by @bmassey via @ClickZ
Brian Massey writes a clever post comparing the potential power of your blog to an active volcano.

Customer references & solutions marketing: Building blocks for business impact by @robleavitt
Based on his review of leading customer reference programs and industry data, Rob Leavitt of Solutions Insights highlights the six key elements of a successful program.

Comments: 13


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