Savvy Toolkit - Better Social Media Organization

Savvy Toolkit - Better Social Media Organization
Heather Rubesch - Tue Feb 15, 2011 @ 12:32PM
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I am having one of those days you dread.  I have sick (and cranky) child in the next room, I am hosting a board meeting for a local charity I am involved with in 6 hours that requires me to feed 10 women dinner and my client wants revisions to a paper by end of the day.

I don't tell you this to gain pity although a sympathetic head nod while reading the above is appreciated.  I tell you this because on days like this I am grateful for the various tools in my life that filter the crap and deliver the substance. A new tool I ran across recently via Media Kitchen is:

iphone4.pngSummify has created a service that delivers a personalized email digest each day of the most important news stories from across your social network.  Beyond just news aggregation, they add a top layer algorithm based on the amount of traffice your Twitter and / or Facebook contacts post and share.  I am using this to manage the Savvy_B2B Twitter stream and it has been fantastic at helping me laser into the most important topics each day.

You can find them at or @summify

Comments: 11


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