Savvy Week in Review, July 3

Savvy Week in Review, July 3
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri Jul 03, 2009 @ 01:44AM
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Happy 4th of July weekend! Or, if you're reading this on Monday morning, happy week after the 4th. (Hope you had a nice one.)

Despite this being a pre-holiday week for many of us, we still found a wealth of interesting posts out there on the Web. From the many posts about the death of blogging (a perennial theme) to more examples of B2B companies using social media well to some good, old, back-to-basics concepts; business bloggers did not disappoint.

So, grab a Friday afternoon libation or a Monday morning cup o' joe and enjoy.


The Savvy Sisters



So you want to write an ebook? 30 tips for success - by @dmscott
The title says it all. A need-to-read post if you are considering creating an ebook.

Fourteen Tips for Running a Good Meeting
- by @gretchenrubin
What to B2B marketers have in common? Meetings. Good tips and reminders on how to keep meetings on track.

Video Customer Case Studies - Empowering the Viewer
- by @casey_hibbard
Nine ways to make videos that showcase customers interactive. I'm not a fan of video, but I was intrigued by these ideas!

Interview with GE's Social Media Wizards
- by @markwschaefer
Mark Schaefer poses a few key questions to five of the key players on GE's social media team.
Also check out Mark's earlier post featuring @SharpieSusie - twitter queen for Sharpie pens.

Free (no registration required) ebook: The Conversational Corporation -
via @jonkranz
Thanks to Jonathan Kranz for the tip off on this ebook from Robert Scoble, Shel Israel, Daniela Barbosa and Greg Merkle. Haven't yet had the time to fully digest, but what I've sampled so far is quite "tasty."

B2B Marketing Fundamentals Do Not Change - by @dmscott
Yes, David gets two faves this week. In this post, he links to a video featuring a live production of McGRaw Hill's iconic "Man in the Chair" ad from the 1950's. It says more than ever now.

Social Media Isn't Dead, But It Can Be Deadly - by @michelfortin
In this post, Michel Fortin draws attention to a great 2008 video by American satirist, actor, and videographer Loren Feldman. In his address to a 2008 blogger conference, Feldman addressses the reoccuring topic of the death of blogs in his typical irreverant style. Enjoy or beware of the off-color language, but listen to the message.

Old-School Marketing No Longer Working? Blame Canada - by James Chartrand on @copyblogger
Tongue-in-cheek comparison of the sterotypical Canadian personality type and the rules of social media. Beauty, eh.?

Hype vs. Excitement - by @benmcconnell on Church of the Customer
This post is a simple, two-column chart that aims to educate readers on the difference between hype and excitment. Be sure to check out the comments for more great insights.

Search, Articles & Blogs Drive Traffic and E-newsletter Subscriptions - by @diannahuff
Dianna shares interesting stats on how her newest newsletter subscribers are finding her. You may be surprised.(I know that, technically, this one is from last week ... but it shouldn't have slipped through the cracks.)

Comments: 8


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