Are You Ready For Some Football (in between clever ads?)

Are You Ready For Some Football (in between clever ads?)
Heather Rubesch - Mon Feb 07, 2011 @ 09:18AM
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Ahhhhh the Super Bowl!!!!  Seriously one of my favorite days of the year.  As I have reached adulthood I think I look forward to it even more than most holidays.  Who wouldn't - great food, chance to gather with friends, memorable ads, the spirit of sports competition at it highest level - this day has it all for me.  Now if only my poor Chiefs could ever make an actual appearance!

As a marketers I watch the game not only for the game but to see who gets the buzz as well.  In chatting with the Savvy Sisters online, the attendees at my party yesterday and my FB friends a few stood out.  My personal favorite was:

Chevy actually scored big with myself and another Savvy Sister.  Wendy and I both liked this one which shows the creative process of coming up with an ad and watching it unfold in real time.  What marketer couldn't appreciate that!

Bridgestone got chuckles from the Savvy Sisters for their ads which showcased their products but also provided some memorable humor.

So let's discuss what makes a good Super Bowl advertisement.  Is humor a must?  Because there were plenty of ads last night that didn't use humor.  I thought both the BMW ad about their X3 being made in America and the Chrysler ad with Eminiem showing the rebuilding of Detroit as being very impactful and memorable without being using humor.  If you missed either they can be seen here:

Shock value is another element of some Super Bowl ads.  I will tell you the only time the house got silent last night at our house was when this Go Daddy ad was on.  Although the comments after the stunned silence were mixed, no one forgot this ad or what it was advertising.

I think this one was clever but since I saw it posted about 900 times last week on FB it lost some of the Super Bowl shock value for me.


Water cooler buzz is what every Super Bowl add is trying to achieve.  The worst thing that can happen is what Mercedes Benz is facing.  They spent the big bucks on an ad during the biggest night of television, they bought the endorsement of an A-list celebrity and they are getting forgotten.  Do you remember their ad?  It isn't on anyone's top 5 list I have seen so far.  Here it is in case you missed it but honestly, it wasn't clever enough to watch again.  It failed at humor, shock value and it wasn't thought-provoking like the BMW or Chrysler ads. 

So did I miss posting one of your favorites.  If so you might want to check out this handy collection that shows all the ads from the big game.  Give us some comments below and tell us what you think the best ads were.

Comments: 10


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