Savvy Speaks: Are You in Need of a Marketing Makeover?

Savvy Speaks: Are You in Need of a Marketing Makeover?
Savvy Sisters - Wed Feb 16, 2011 @ 08:00AM
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Every business should be putting their best foot forward when it comes to marketing. Unfortunately, sometimes business changes so fast it's hard to catch up. If your sales are lagging, if you find yourself having to explain, backtrack or make up marketing messaging materials on the spot - then it might be time for a makeover. This week the Savvy Sisters weigh in on the top warning signs that you can't ignore.



The biggest warning sign is when the marketing materials don't match. If your print collateral is different from your web design is different from your enewsletter template, it's time to clean house. Take the time required to determine which collateral is still relevant and then refresh both the design and any branding/messaging that may have changed. A cohesive, professional image helps close sales!



Your customer service and sales departments are your most reliable early warning systems. If either (or, god forbid, both) of those groups are getting a lot of repetitious questions from prospects and customers,  you know your marketing collateral isn't doing its job.

Take advantage of these direct-to-audience communication channels. Work closely with your customer service and sales teams to document the feedback they're hearing and then work with a marketing professional to sort out the best strategy for addressing the holes or inconsistencies in your marketing materials, branding, and messaging.



I like to start by looking at a company's website from the user's perspective to see if the objectives are clear. I often come back to this list of questions from Steve Krug's Don't Make Me Think:

  • What is this?
  • What do they have here?
  • What can I do here?
  • Why should I be here—and not somewhere else?
  • Where do I start?

Working through these questions will not only make your website more clear, but it will often help you address other areas of your marketing that need to be clarified and strengthened.



Integration across all channels is probably the biggest reason I hear clients say they need to revamp their marketing and start a makeover.  We need to stop thinking about email campaigns, tradeshow brochures and newsletters as independent silos.  I think it helps to look at all your marketing activities by channel planned for the whole year and look for ways to create timing and synergy touch points in them.  If you are operating each of these activities as a one off or with less than full coordination then you need an integration makeover.

This is not, in case you were wondering, a big company only issue.  Even if your marketing department is a staff of one you can still have integration issues.  It is a mental as well as physical integration.  You have to think big picture before you can act big picture.



If you're seeing leads rejected by sales and a downturn in revenues, the culprit could very well be a lack of alignment with the sales group. This is a red flag that your marketing needs an overhaul. And it goes beyond updating marketing materials and campaigns. To effectively address this issue, marketing and sales needs to come together to create a solid foundation. That means you need to:

What signs have you seen that signal it's time for a makeover?

Share them in the comments section!


Comments: 12


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