Savvy Toolkit: How to Get Your Press Release Seen - 68 Helpful Tips

Savvy Toolkit: How to Get Your Press Release Seen - 68 Helpful Tips
Heather Rubesch - Tue Feb 01, 2011 @ 09:35AM
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I must admit I sometimes thing of "Time to issue a Press Release" in the same monotone braindead inflection as that old "Time to make the donuts" commercial.  Most companies don't "get" why a press release is important and therefore they give it the time and attention they would an email to a co-worker.

The Bad Language Blog has done a wonderful job of compiling 62 Ways to Improve Your Press Release. If you even use 10 of them your next press release will be light years ahead of most of I have read!

Also from our own blog: 

Savvy Sister Wendy, the journalist among us, wrote a fantastic post in the early days of this blog that I still have bookmarked and refer to often.  Check out Write a Great Press Release - 6 Tips From a Journalist Who has Seen it All.

Comments: 9


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