The 3 Secret Ingredients of Viral Video

The 3 Secret Ingredients of Viral Video
Jamie Lee Wallace - Thu Jan 20, 2011 @ 04:00AM
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antwerp.jpgEvery once in a while, a video shoots across the internet like a brilliant comet and sweeps us social dweebs along in its wake as we “Like,” tweet, and share ourselves into a frenzy. I have been amused and often moved to tears by what I see through these digital windows – moments of joy, tenderness, mischief and mayhem. After a late-night binge on some of my favorites, I also became fascinated with what made these particular videos stand out in my mind (and heart!).

In case you haven’t had the pleasure of doing nothing for an hour – 4 minutes and 7 seconds at a time – here are a few examples of the types of videos I’m talking about:

JK Wedding Dance

This is the wedding processional that made headlines and sent the happy couple on a whirlwind tour of the talk show circuit.

Sound of Music, Antwerp Station

Though this was, in fact, a publicity stunt for a reality TV show; this particular “flash mob” dance struck a chord with millions of viewers and spawned a slew of knock-offs. Makes me cry every time.

Backstreet Office

This one’s just plain adorable.

Hallejulah Hugs Italy

Sweet and thought-provoking at the same time – and with a soundtrack that brings a lump to your throat.

Okay, now you’ve spent twenty minutes watching videos that have nothing to do with work … or, do they?

Here’s the thing. Viral is viral. Brands (especially start-ups) are always trying to find that Next Big Thing, the Brilliant Idea that will jettison them into the limelight, if only for those brief but powerful fifteen minutes of fame. Instead of focusing on doing the same kinds of things other companies are doing, why not go direct to the source and take a closer look at the naturally occurring viral videos that capture our collective imagination, causing us to interrupt each other’s days with messages like, “You have to see this – best video ever!”

After watching these (and, ahem, a few more) videos, here’s my list of the 3 secret ingredients of the really great viral video:

STORY:  There are “funny videos” that make the rounds and have a fairly short lifespan, and then there are the videos like the ones above that keep burning long after their initial flash. An important part of their longer-term appeal is the element of story. Though the stories told may be incomplete, they are there. Without anyone having to explain anything, we get a sense of the “before and after” that surround the moment captured on video. There’s the story of a happy couple launching themselves joyously into their new life, the story of strangers coming together spontaneously to share a moment, the story of what happens when you leave a bunch of interns alone for too long with video-enabled laptops and a classic 90’s boy band ballad, the story of humanity – our separation, loneliness, connection, acceptance – of letting the barriers down.

Human beings need stories. Stories are how we interpret our world – for ourselves and for others. Stories create common language which helps us find common ground. In the context of marketing, stories help increase comprehension, connection, retention, and they are also a great deal more persuasive than non-narrative content. Every good story, whether fiction or non-fiction, has a structure or “arc” that include set-up, build-up, and release. Watch the videos again and you’ll see what I mean.

HUMANITY: You’ll notice that each of the four examples above stars “ordinary people.” There aren’t any spokespeople, no one is in costume, no one looks perfect, no one is reading from a script. The imperfections of the “stars” are part of the charm. We can relate to these people. They are just like us. They could be us. There’s nothing rehearsed about these “performances.” Even in the Sound of Music piece (which was obviously rehearsed … a lot), the illusion of spontaneity is utterly complete. It’s like when everyone bursts into song and dance in Central Park. (Happens to me all the time.)

Story and humanity combine to create an arrow that shoots straight through the heart. Overtly or subtly, we are reminded of what’s most important – the stuff of Real Life. For a moment, we see more clearly, feel connected, and understood. Things make sense. We feel good about being part of the human race.

JOY & DELIGHT: Maybe I’m cheating a little on the “3 secrets,” but I think these two really go hand-in-hand. Each of my video picks is virtually bursting at the seams with joy and delight. Watch the faces – the happy couple, the dancers and the bystanders in Antwerp Station, the smiles of the huggers and hug-ees. Even in the pseudo-serious “Backstreet office” video, there is a warm camaraderie that you know will have those workers cracking up when the cameras stop rolling. That joy spills over out of the screen and creates delight in the viewer. Tell me you weren’t smiling ear-to-ear watching these clips. You can’t help it – it’s like instant grin!

Alex Leo wrote (in 2009) about the Sound of Music video for Huffington Post, and he said, “We're in a global economic crisis, America's fighting two wars, there's genocide in Darfur, AIDs running rampant, and a pretty good shot that we could all be killed by bird flu in a year or two. We need this video.” He’s right. What this video and others like it deliver that the simply “funny” videos don’t is a sense of hope. A “funny” video – a cynical joke, pratfall, or satire – might make people laugh for a minute; but a video that captures a sense of joy, delight, and hope … well, that’s one that will keep people coming back again and again.

So, what does all this have to do with creating viral videos for your business?
There isn’t really any secret formula for creating a viral video. The recipe involves a great idea, perfect timing, and a fair amount of luck. However, if you “get” these three elements – Story, Humanity, Joy & Delight – and if you can find a way to blend them into your video, you stand a pretty good chance of creating something that goes beyond the reach of business and into the realm of Real Life. And that, my friends, is where the really good stuff happens.

JME5670V2tinyCROPborder.jpgAbout the Author: Jamie is a freelance strategist, teacher, and copywriter who partners with solo entrepreneurs to define and market their brands. Her specialties include brand development, social media strategy, and content marketing. Enjoy more of her posts, visit her site at Suddenly Marketing, or drop her an email.

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Comments: 21


1. Jeff Ogden  |  my website   |   Thu Jan 20, 2011 @ 09:40AM

Great videos. If a video like "free hugs" with the haunting melody does not bring a tear to your eyes, there is something wrong with you. I'll have to use one of these for Laugh and Learn soon.

Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor
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2. Jamie Lee Wallace  |  my website   |   Thu Jan 20, 2011 @ 01:38PM

Jeff - Thanks for stopping by ... and for taking time to watch the videos. That hug one puts a lump in my throat every time. I think it's even more poignant for people like me (and you?) who have many relationships online - for better or worse - and sometimes miss out on Real World connections like a simple hug.
Powerful stuff.
I look forward to your laugh and learn!

3. Chokas Filmer  |  my website   |   Fri Jul 01, 2011 @ 10:10PM

Jamie Lee, its really great stuff, for letting me understand about 3 ingredients of viral video... keep it up buddy..!

4. Jamie Lee Wallace  |  my website   |   Tue Jul 05, 2011 @ 08:27PM

My pleasure, Chokas. TKS for taking the time to leave a comment!

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