Savvy Speaks: Facebook - Is It for Businesses?

Savvy Speaks: Facebook - Is It for Businesses?
Savvy Sisters - Wed Jan 26, 2011 @ 08:00AM
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The social media debate continues. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other social media sites sing a siren song of easy leads and viral marketing success. But as with any fashion, it's important to see if it fits before you head out the door. Last week we talked about the best corporate uses for Twitter. This week the Savvy Sisters chime in on Facebook - to B2B or not B2B? 




Of the top social networks, Facebook is the most personal platform. Facebook is where people go to connect with friends and family more than with brands or businesses. When I'm on Twitter, I'm searching work-related key words. When I'm on Facebook, I'm just scrolling through my News Feed to see what my local peeps are up to.

Consumer and entertainment brands definitely have the edge on Facebook because these brands are inherently more social. People are more prone to "like" and "share" content that is fun. Many of the more successful Facebook campaigns center around contests or giveaways. That type of content tends to go viral in any space, but even more so on Facebook.

For B2B, I think having a Facebook page is mandatory, but determining what to do with it will depend upon your product and your audience. The easiest way to think about it for most B2B brands is as an extension of your blog - a place to promote your content and extend the conversation.



I don't think Facebook is appropriate for B2B. Personally, I use it to keep track of high school friends and to share pictures of my daughter, vacations, home improvement projects, and etc. with friends and family. I have seen a few businesses use Facebook to some success, but this is usually the local pizza joint or some other such small business that is likely to garner a passinately loyal following from a small group of people.

This could just be a branding problem on the part of FaceBook itself, and I will be interested to see if FaceBook evolves into something else in the future.



Like any social networking tool, I think there are a few questions to ask to determine if it's a good venue for you:

  • How will my interactions on Facebook help me meet by business objectives?
  • Is this a place where my prospects or customers are hanging out?
  • What kind of content/conversation would make sense for this venue?
  • Do I have the time and/or resources to devote to maintaining this?

For many businesses - even B2B - Facebook can make sense. But, you need a plan on how to consistently maintain the content and conversation.

Do you think Facebook is right for business?

Have you seen any great (or terrible) uses of Facebook by a business?

Comments: 9


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9. Zuraida Oen   |   Mon May 21, 2018 @ 08:55AM

Facebook is great for some businesses and horrible for others. The best way to determine it is to simply do searches on the business you are in to determine whether it is the best choice to use this for any type of B2B marketing. Also keep in mind that Facebook has also changed many of the algorithms to force others to use their paid marketing advertisements versus just using the free organic traffic that comes with it. You must decide whether or not this is the right space.

P.S. I would still get a page for your business regardless of what business you are in. It always helps to have your businesses in multiple locations for marketing purpose.

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