Savvy Speaks: Best B2B Twitter Tips

Savvy Speaks: Best B2B Twitter Tips
Savvy Sisters - Wed Jan 19, 2011 @ 06:00AM
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Unless you're living under a rock, you probably noticed everyone jumping on the social media bandwagon over the past year or two -  Twitter in particular. Along with the enthusiasm (hype?), there has been a debate over which social media platforms are appropriate for which businesses and how they would be used to their best effect.

While the answer is as unique as the business, there are some general guidelines that can help your business when you decide whether or not to make the leap. Here, the Savvy Sisters share their best tips for using Twitter effectively.




There's lots of talk these days about the value of content curation -- not only does it help position you as a valuable resource, but it lightens the burden of producing original content for your audience. Twitter is one tool you can use to establish yourself as the aggregator and curator on topics of interest to your audience. Choose your topic(s), set up relevant Google alerts, subscribe to related newsletters, blogs, etc., and then pick the best of the bunch each day. Then you can deliver a daily stream of content that draws in your prospects, customers, partners, etc.



The best use I have seen for Twitter is to have the customer service department troll for customer comments and complaints in between calls. This gives your company the opportunity to know what is being said about you by your customers and to nip problems in the bud. It can also be used as a market research tool to find out what customers love and hate about your product (and your competitor), and how you can improve in the future. 



I think Twitter is a great way to engage potential partners.  Several of my clients are small tech companies who are having trouble getting to the most effective connections within large organizations they would like to partner with.  Twitter and Linked In are great ways to build casual industry / thought leader relationships.  I find people much more likely to engage or share information via Twitter than if you cold called them and asked for help navigating their organization.

In my opinion, the best use of any social tool is building relationships. Real relationships. I'm a big believer in mixing a little personal in with the professional; I've seen great relationships develop when people are willing to let their guard down a little. Injecting your personality into your Twitter stream or any other social feed can be done without jeopardizing your professional reputation. When done well, it gives you a huge edge over your less human competition.

Don't be afraid to share more than just the latest relevant blog articles or company stats. We don't want to hear about what your cat ate for breakfast, but we might be interested in the movie you saw last night, or the fundraiser you're working on for your kid's school. Let us see that you're human, like us, and we'll be that much more likely to connect with you.



My other Savvy Sisters have pointed out some great ways to use Twitter, and here's another: get answers to your questions.

Last week a colleague asked me for some stats about email click through rates. I posted the question on Twitter, and within hours I had a number of reponses. I've had more than one phone call and connection result from an exchange on Twitter.

Of course, the reverse is also true: be willing to share your knowledge and answer other people's questions as well.

Have you used Twitter to great effect in your business? Share!

Comments: 18


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