Savvy Speaks: How To Choose a Marketing Provider

Savvy Speaks: How To Choose a Marketing Provider
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Wed Dec 01, 2010 @ 03:30AM
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Before the Thanksgiving holiday, we talked about what we look for in the perfect client. Today's follow up question is: What tips would you give to a B2B brand trying to find the perfect marketing provider.



Tip #1: Google is your friend. Google the candidate's name to see what's out there in the press, blogs, etc.

Tip #2: Let social media work for you. You can learn a lot about a person by cruising her Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn profiles. Does she seem knowledgeable? Is she engaging in authentic conversations, or just blasting self-promotional messages?

Tip #3: Role play. I'm not a big fan of resumes, CV's, or even referrals. (The candidate will only send you to people who will say nice things, right?) No matter which side of the table I'm on, I prefer to ask "what if" questions. Put people in different scenarios and see how quick they are on their feet.



There are the obvious steps, including reviewing the provider's portfolio and experience. But go a step further -- does this person or agency market her/their services in a way that embraces the latest marketing practices? Does the candidate produce informational content that isn't focused on selling but instead delivers value? Is the candidate involved in social media? Does the person's or agency's website reflect an understanding of SEO and best practices? The tools and methods this provider uses to market its own business is a sign of what it can do for you.

Join the conversation! What advice do you have for someone on the hunt for the perfect marketing partner?

Comments: 11


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