Savvy Toolkit - Sharpening your SEO Saw

Savvy Toolkit - Sharpening your SEO Saw
Heather Rubesch - Tue Nov 09, 2010 @ 05:20AM
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SEO ChartOne topic that still seems to baffle most B2B marketers is SEO. They know what some of their keywords are but when it comes to actually growing and achieving organic search vs pay per click they don't know where to spend their time and energy.

Marketing Sherpa's 2011 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report covers many SEO related issues including the one related to their current chart of the week. This chart reflects the opinions of 900 B2B marketers on which SEO tactics they are currently using.

It is no surprise that Keyword Research is the largest and most noticeable sphere on the chart and while keywords are important they are not the end all be all of SEO. Techniques such as Link Building and Blogging take a higher degree of effort but can do wonders to progress your site in organic search.

Check out the following articles for some creative ideas on keyword improvement as well as other practical strategies:

5 Must-Read Tips for B2B Search Marketing

Driving Conversion in B2B SEO

Blogging for Position - How To Set Up and Run a Keyword Blog


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Comments: 19


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