Savvy Toolkit - 7 Infectious Diseases of B2B eBook

Savvy Toolkit - 7 Infectious Diseases of B2B eBook
Heather Rubesch - Tue Nov 02, 2010 @ 10:13AM
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seven diseasesSeven Infectious Diseases of B2B Marketing - and their cures by Kathryn Roy

I ran across this eBook recently and it is an fantastic resource if your marketing organization is doing a self review of its practices. Kathryn's points are so spot on I found myself associating each of the 7 diseases with past clients and employers.

My persona favorite is #3 Sleep Apendea which is characterized by not distinguishing between prospect roles or stage in the buying process. I literally laughed out loud at "Passion for your product or service that is untamed by pity for the reader"

The very best kind of eBook - both informative and actionable.

For more on what makes a great eBook stay tuned for Savvy Speaks tomorrow and next Wednesday.

Comments: 8


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