Savvy Week in Review - October 29

Savvy Week in Review - October 29
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri Oct 29, 2010 @ 03:51AM
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All Hallow's Eve is nearly here. Are you ready to get scary and spooked? Time to set aside all our worldly pursuits and slide on over into the realm of the unreal and fantastic.

BUT - before you don your costume and pull down your mask - here's a few last bites of B2B reality to tide you over until Monday morning.

Go out, get ghoulish, and have a fabulous Halloween.

Signing off to go stir our cauldrons, the Savvy Sisters say, "BOO!"




Should You Stop Blogging, Too? by @jonathanfields
In response to Jim Kukral's announcement that, after 9 years, he's quitting his blog, Jonathan Fields asks some pointed questions about the value and purpose of your blog. Have you got the answers?

Do Your B2B Communications Bore? by @jontusmedia
@jonbuscall makes a case for more personality in B2B communications. Great case study and video sample.

Is sales enablement dead? by @robleavitt
Rob Leavitt urges B2B marketers to shift their mindset when it comes to enablement.

Sending an Email Is NOT Nurturing by @ardath421
Ardath Albee reminds marketers not to confuse the delivery vehicle for nurturing.

Are B2B Marketing Managers Wimps? Project Open Kimono, Part 6 by @dougkessler
Doug Kessler of Velocity Partners shares the results of an unscientific survey. You'll be surprised to see what the majority of respondents listed as the hardest part of B2B marketing.

Curating Information as Content Strategy by @conversationage
Valeria Maltoni helps boost awareness of an important new tool for B2B marketers.

Should Your Startup Take on the Big Guns? by @aprildunford
April Dunford spells out four instances when it makes good sense for newcomers to attack the incumbents head on.

Maximizing Optimization Opportunities: 3 Simple Visitor Types - by @mktgexperiments
Great reminder, this one. You've got three types of visitors - the people who always buy, the people who never buy, and the maybes. Your job is to make it easy for the maybes to say "yes." Do you know how to do that?


Comments: 12


1. Doug Kessler  |  my website   |   Fri Oct 29, 2010 @ 04:20AM

Another excellent roundup.
Love the Ardath post (as always).
Looking forward to the others.
And thanks for tipping Project Open Kimono.
The survey was an eye opener. Love to know what your readers make of it.

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