Week in Review: September 10th

Week in Review: September 10th
Savvy Sisters @savvy_b2b - Fri Sep 10, 2010 @ 03:08AM
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School's back in session - for the kids, and for B2B marketers. There's something about fall that seems to get everyone's academic engines revving at full speed. So, grab your lunchbox, your new notebook, and a sharp #2 pencil, and get ready to take note of all the great posts that caught our eye this week.





Thought Microsites Were Dead? Think Again. - by @chiefmartec via @sengineland
Scott Brinker makes the case that microsites are agile economical tools for conversion optimization.

Eight Tools to Help You Manage Social Media Content Overload - by @SpringCreekGrp via @MarketingProfs
Feeling overwhelmed by all the places you need to disseminate your content? And by the need to moderate and monitor the flow of conversation about your brand? Check out this handy list of tools to help you tame the social media beast.

Content Strategy: How to Build an Audience, Get Customers, Create Advocates - by @ConversationAge
Looking to launch a content strategy for your online marketing? This nicely packaged series of 16 posts by Valeria Maltoni will start you on your way.

How Your Social-Media Strategy Is Stifling You - by @diannahuff via @MarketingProfs
Words of wisdom from Dianna Huff on how simple it really is for marketers to dive into the social media waters.

Lead Nurturing: How to Develop a Solid Process for B2B Lead Management - by @alexsagala via @TomPick

Alexandre Sagala of Alsamarketing shares practical tips for successful lead-nurturing campaigns.

What Consumers Use Facebook For - by @ameliachen via @pennolson

Consumers or B2B buyers, in the end, we're all people. This post has some interesting stats about what people do on Facebook and how they interact with brands.

Serving Suggestion - by @chrisbrogan
Sometimes, you need to break your products and services down into bite-sized morsels. Think about how you might package up some of your services to create introductory and upsell packages that are irresistable.

Social Media Program Planning 101 - Purpose Matters - by @thebrandbuilder
Please, please, please read this. Olivier Blanchard has a way of stripping away all the shiny, sparkly stuff that makes people's eyes go all spinny. In this post he breaks down the right and wrong way to approach social media strategy.

Story is More Important Than the Brand - by @treypennington featuring @tom_peters
Trey is gearing up for the Social Story Conference on Sept 24th and this post is spot-on to help get people excited about story. Legendary author Tom Peters makes his point in a 2-minute video - story rules.

Social Media - Now For Engineers, Too! - by @grcooper3

While he's away, Mark W. Schaefer has turned his {grow} blog over to his readers. The week has been jam-packed with thought-provoking posts from the peanut gallery (and what a peanut gallery it is!); and we picked this one to share. George Cooper, an engineer's engineer, makes a case for the importance of sharing stories ... even in the industrial business segment.



Comments: 13


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