Audience Building How-to (w/Acrobats and an Awesome Blog Community)

Audience Building How-to (w/Acrobats and an Awesome Blog Community)
Jamie Lee Wallace - Wed Sep 08, 2010 @ 03:49AM
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Last week, I had the pleasure of kicking off Mark W. Schaefer's "Community Week" project on {grow} - his fabulous and highly respected blog. While Mark journeys through Europe, his fans and colleagues are holding down the fort with a series of guest posts. How's that for loyalty? (Side note: If you want to learn how to build a rockin' community on your blog, watch Mark and learn. He does it right.)

So, instead of writing a new post for Savvy today, I'd like to suggest that you do the following:

  1. READ my post on {grow} - Build Your Audience Like Your Life Depended On It
  2. CRUISE the comments - the folks who hang on {grow} (You know who you are!) are some of the most insightful, generous, and fun people on the Web.
  3. FOLLOW these folks on twitter. Seriously. Follow them.
  4. ADD your two cents to the post with your own comment
  5. SHARE the post

I hope you enjoy the post, the conversation, and getting to know Mark and his {grow} posse. If they weren't already on your radar, you're in for a treat!


Comments: 13


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